• To serve the community with nutritious, affordable and tasty vegan food in a homely and family-friendly environment.

  • To be welcoming to all regardless of dietary choices.

  • To provide a non-judgemental place for open discussion and engagement in environmental issues, with an emphasis on active, positive change.

  • To regularly hold interesting social and educational events such as markets, swap-shops, talks, gigs and film nights. The space will also be available for the use of community groups.

  • To work towards the shortest possible supply chain. Trading with a view to support ethical growers, suppliers and other like-minded ventures. Using fair trade, organic and direct trade products wherever possible.

  • To operate in a manner which produces minimal food and plastic waste.

  • To provide the community with a fully committed vegan food outlet and event space.

  • To run as a worker-owned cooperative cafe, supporting worker’s rights and providing meaningful and secure employment.

  • Surplus profit will either be reinvested back in the company to make improvements which are beneficial to the staff and our customers, or will be used to support carefully selected environmental causes.